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Not sure if you have bad breath?

Regardless of how often I clean my teeth and rinse with mouthwash I have persistent stale or bad breath


Bad breath (Halitosis) is most commonly caused by

  • gum disease  the leading cause of bad breath
  • bacteria that feed on food and plaque and collect around teeth, gums and tongue, 
  • people suffering from dry mouth are more likely to have bad breath due to reduced saliva flow see Dry Mouth
  • some bacterial infections of respiratory tract, throat, sinus and lung, medical conditions, gastric refux, diabetes and kidney diseases

Bad breath solutions

  • management of gum disease with deep cleaning of pockets that you are unable to clean
  • tongue cleaning with scrapper to remove bacteria
  • regular brushing and flossing between teeth to remove decaying food and debris
  • defective fillings, dentures, crowns and bridges collect plaque and food debris may require adjustment to enable proper cleaning and flossing
  • bad breath as a result of systemic illness need to be address by your medical practitioner

To check if your breath is not as fresh as it might be - cup your hand over your mouth and breath out. LIft your cupped hand to your nose and breath in.

Northshore Dental Care's Dr Strachan can provide the solution to most causes of bad breath and with proper at home oral hygiene you can have that fresh breath ring of confidence.

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