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My teeth are very sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth can cause ongoing discomfort. Teeth can be sensitive to hot and cold drinks and food, cold air and sometime just breathing in can cause real discomfort.

What causes sensitive teeth?

  • sensitive teeth occur when the dentine (living part of tooth) becomes exposed
  • gum recession exposing the root and dentine are a common cause of sensitivity
  • gum recession is usually a direct result of gum disease or over brushing
  • loss of tooth enamel from acid etching  is also a common cause of dentine exposure and sensitivity

Suggestions to help prevent sensitive teeth

  • proper oral care to manage gum disease and reduce recession
  • reduce acidic food and drinks see Dental Alert Article: Juice everyday can wash your teeth away
  • application of enamel building medicament eg Tooth Mousse is very effective
  • use sensitivity toothpaste with a soft bristled toothbrush
  • sealing of the tooth dentine, is a dental procedure we can provide to manage sensitivity


If you would like further information on the products that help reduce sensitivity call us for further advice

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