Paradise Point

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The Dental Difference

Our Practice

Our purpose built Paradise Point premise is conveniently located at 9 Grice Avenue, Paradise Point. We are at street level, between Paradise Point Pharmacy and Paradise Point Medical Surgery, opposite the Paradise Point Post Office see map


Your Comfort

For your comfort our clinics are stair free with wheelchair access.

We value your time and will contact you if we are more than 10 minutes late for your scheduled appointment.

Your treatment rooms are necessarily chilly and we will provide you with cosy blankets to keep you warm and comfortable.

Dr Strachan has a keen interest in music and you will have a vast selection to suit your taste.

Happy gas (Nitrous Oxide) is available if you are experiencing anxiety.


Our Technology

Northshore Dental Care incorporates the latest in technology to provide quality, value and affordable treatments.

  • We have low dose digital x rays and B Class Sterilisers to keep you safe
  •  Intraoral cameras and telescopic vision to aid quality treatment
  • Computer Aided Design and Manufacture (CEREC) to provide quality and affordable treatment.
  • Material and bonding technology that has changed the face of modern dentistry

Your Safety

  • You can be confident that INFECTION CONTROL throughout our clinics is of the highest standard. Every critical item in your treatment is validated, checked and tracked through the sterilisation process to you.
  • Dental Dam is used routinely as it is essential ensure quality treatment and patient safety
  • Our Information Technology Management systems are private and secure

Our Heart and Hands

Our heart ensures we treat you with

  • respect and equality
  • provide the treatment that meets your needs not ours
  • provide best practice evidence based treatment
  • provide best value treatment tailored to each patient individually
  • integrity in all financial matters 

Our hands are

  • practised and skilled
  • soft and caring

Dental Alerts

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