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A severe toothache - no reason to smile

If you are suffering from a severely painful tooth, contact us immediately for an appointment. We will assist you as soon as possible. In the meantime the pain medications, Ibuprofen (Nurofen) or Paracetamol may give you some relief. Avoid hot or cold drinks and food. If the area is swollen, an ice pack to the cheek may also give some relief until your appointment time


When you contact us for the first available appointment we will ask you a number of questions

  • Does the tooth ache constantly?
  • Is the tooth sensitive to hot, cold or sweet?
  • Is the tooth painful if you bite on it?
  • Is the cheek area swollen and red?
  • Have you had a cold or flu recently?


A dull toothache

If you have a dull intermittant toothache contact us for an appointment. A dull toothache may be indicate tooth microfractures, active decay, a bite problem




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