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Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal and Replacement


Our Gold Coast dental team offers the safe removal and replacement of Mercury Amalgam fillings – those old ‘silver’ looking fillings that were once so commonplace. At Northshore Dental we find that clients have many reasons to seek the removal and replacement of existing mercury amalgam fillings, including:


  • Amalgam is packed into the tooth not bonded to the tooth, and a complete seal is often not achieved, allowing decay to continue under the filling
  • Amalgam Alloy is approximately 50% mercury, and some research indicates that chewing and grinding teeth with mercury amalgam restorations can release mercury vapour into the mouth. Mercury is a biological and environmental hazard. Find out more >>
  • Mercury Amalgam fillings expand with age and temperature change, which can result in adjacent natural tooth structure shearing or cracking
  • Mercury Amalgam fillings are not a tooth coloured aesthetic restoration, so tend to look less appealing 


While removing old amalgams is often beneficial, it can pose problems if not performed safely and carefully by a dentist that thoroughly understands the protocols that minimise mercury exposure. It is known that the removal of mercury amalgam creates aerosols of amalgam alloy and a release of mercury. The removal procedure can also generate mercury amalgam sludge in the patients’ mouth around the tongue, the cheeks and other teeth. 


Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Protocols 


  • Cooling with water during removal procedure. Flooding the area of removal with water decreases heat produced, and it is heat that significantly increases the release of mercury in vapour and amalgam particles
  • Cutting existing amalgam into chunks involves less high speed, heat producing drilling. Amalgam metal can be removed by hand instrument and suction
  • High volume evacuation captures mercury vapour and amalgam particles
  • Removal of existing mercury amalgam and placement of Composite Resin restorations is always done on top of a Dental Dam


Why is a Dental Dam Necessary for Safe Amalgam Removal?

  • A dental dam is a non latex membrane that isolates the tooth or teeth being treated from the rest of the mouth. This barrier to the mouth stops mercury particles and sludge being swallowed during the removal procedure
  • A dental dam allows for more pooling of water and cooling of the tooth, reducing the release of mercury vapour
  • A dental dam encourages patients to breathe through the nose instead of the mouth during the removal process


Placement of the Dental Dam is a comfortable quick process that allows for a safe and comfortable procedure. 


Discover the benefits of safe mercury amalgam removal and replacement with our experienced and friendly dentists at Northshore Dental, Paradise Point Gold Coast. Contact us today!

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